An Industry Wide Effort

Thank you to the employees, companies and associations from across Canada who have pledged and donated to the Canadian Red Cross British Columbia Fires Appeal. To check the latest total pledged, click here. This amount excludes personal donations made directly to the Appeal.

While we’re relieved that many evacuees are now able to return home, we’re troubled that new wildfires are taking hold in other areas and evacuation orders are being issued. As a result, we’re extending our call for pledges and donations to midnight on August 31, 2017, so that our industry can provide as much help as possible.

The VRCA is challenging the Canadian construction industry to donate $1,000,000 directly to the Canadian Red Cross British Columbia Fires Appeal by August 31, 2017



Why The Canadian Red Cross?

  • The Canadian Red Cross specializes in disaster relief and the boots on the ground to assist those in need.
  • All donations by associations, organizations, and their employees are made directly to the Red Cross.
  • Tax receipts will be issued from the Red Cross to those who donate. 

Why Here4BC?

  • Here4BC was created to:
    • Inspire the construction industry to come together to support a very worthy cause.
    • Provide awareness of how we can come together to help.
    • Rally each other to maximize contributions.

How To Get Involved:

    • Make a pledge to show your support and then donate directly to the Canadian Red Cross British Columbia Fires Appeal
    • Consider matching employee donations to the cause.
    • Encourage your partner and supplier companies to also join.
    • Tweet your company's pledged amount to #Here4BC. Media resources available here.
    • At this current stage, money is what is most needed and helpful. However, if you have equipment or supplies that could be used/donated in the effort then share them here so that we can connect you to the right organization working on specific relief functions.
    • Learn more.
    • Talk to your employer about participating in this program by encouraging them to pledge and donate.
    • Go social! Tweet about this effort and your employer's pledged amount to #Here4BC.
    • Consider making a personal donation directly to the Canadian Red Cross British Columbia Fires Appeal.
    • Get your co-workers involved to donate.
    • Learn more.
    • Join us to make this a collective industry initiative.
    • Encourage your member companies to get involved and point them to this website. 
    • Let's work together to support this one worthy cause, #Here4BC.
    • Learn more.

Remember, the power of many is greater than the power of one! 




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