We are challenging the Canadian construction industry to donate $1,000,000 directly to the Canadian Red Cross British Columbia Fires Appeal by midnight on August 31, 2017. Make your organization's pledge today so we can acknowledge your contribution as well as keep track of where we are with our goal. Once the pledge has been made, please donate the pledged amount directly to the Canadian Red Cross British Columbia Fires Appeal by August 31, 2017.

Once you have entered your pledge, we will enter your organization's name and pledge amount in our company pledge listing page. In addition, to get other organizations interested please mention your pledge in your social media (#Here4BC).

Please note that the pledge form below is for organizations and associations. We are unable to record personal pledges at this time so please make your personal donation directly to the Red Cross.

Who's pledging

Pantheon Developments Ltd.
Solid Rock Steel Fabricating Co. Ltd.
Yukon Contractors Associati0n
Convoy Supply Ltd
Euro Canadian Construction Corp.
Maxwell Floors Ltd
Chandos Construction
Staff of BCCA Employee Benefits
MacKay Contracting
Graham Construction and Engineering
Pitt Meadows Plumbing & Mechanical Systems (2001) Ltd.
Hollyburn Properties
G R Hudson Sales Ltd
Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association
BFL Canada Insurance Services Inc.
A.George Recruitment
The Houle Team
Concrete BC
Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association
Nitro Pipe Freeze Inc
BC Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association
Olympic International Sales
C&M McNally Engineering Corp
ITC Construction Group
BC Construction Safety Alliance
Urban Development Institute
Medicine Hat Construction Association
Roofing Contractors Association of BC (RCABC)
Regina Construction Association
COUNTDOWN TO 11:59 PM PDT on August 31
$125,560.00 pledged

How much will you pledge to donate on 11:59 PM PDT on August 31?


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